Robin's post about Lobster

An armour plated, two clawed, deep blue sea living crustacean, with a fish diet and an amazing ability to live out of water for over 24 hours! Sounds like a creature from Dr Who; but no, this fantastic creature lives in abundance off the coast of Cornwall.

It's lifestyle and habitat exclusive to British sea areas have enabled this wonderful shellfish to evolve into one of the tastiest, wild foods on our planet. Any chef or cook that has had the privilege to work with Cornish lobster will know that it does not like being over cooked or undercooked. The perfect lobster dish needs thought, preparation and precise execution. There are hundreds of lobster dishes but some of the best are the simplest. 

There are ingredients that complement lobster meat, I will not give any recipies yet, but always remember butter, salt, chilli, ginger, tomato, garlic, black pepper, pasta and risotto. Never all in the same dish but combinations of these can present you and your guests with some of the most delicious dishes in a very short time.

For special events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any party, lobster is the perfect special dish to say to your guests  "you are all a major part of very special event!" 

The Cornish lobster is very sustainable and is fished by local fishermen, landed locally and is now sought after by restaurants, hotels and specialist caterers all over western Europe.

The future of the Cornish lobster has been helped by the lobster hatchery in Padstow. This hatchery takes lobster eggs, hatches them, then rears them until they are of a size able to be released into the ocean. Lobster numbers are really healthy at the moment, which is great news for the lobster, but also great news for the chefs, cooks and people wanting to taste this stunning Cornish food.

If you would like to know more about local shellfish and fish we will be running fish preparation and cookery schools in the very near future here in Penzance.