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No soggy bottoms here!!

It's that time of year again.......yep, it's a new series of GBBO and our attention is once again turned to all things baking. Over the next few weeks we will no doubt see some spectacular creations along with the odd bakeoff disaster.  I've always loved baking. It's that fine line between art and science. You can bend the rules slighty, add a teaspoon of creativity here and there, but you can never totally break the rules. Ingredients need to be…

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Robin's post about Lobster

An armour plated, two clawed, deep blue sea living crustacean, with a fish diet and an amazing ability to live out of water for over 24 hours! Sounds like a creature from Dr Who; but no, this fantastic creature lives in abundance off the coast of Cornwall. It's lifestyle and habitat exclusive to British sea areas have enabled this wonderful shellfish to evolve into one of the tastiest, wild foods on our planet. Any chef or cook that has had…

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